Hopefully we can answer some of the more common questions..

What are the dry times?

Simply put, it depends upon what is being cleaned. With steam cleaning, times can be from 4 hours for carpets and sofas, mattresses are slightly more. It all depends on level of soiling and upon drying conditions.

The low moisture method takes from 30 minutes with many being dry as we leave.

Are the chemicals dangerous?

Yes and No, all chemicals are, but through proper training they are used properly to reduce risk to yourself, pets and children. Where possible bio freindly and neutral pH chemicals are used.

That said I do not use any chemicals that I would not use in my own house with my own children and pets.

Is it noisy?

Again, yes and no... The exctraction machine runs two large industrial motors designed to suck as much dirty water out as possible, so it is loud. However the low moisture machine is often used in offices and it's possible to hold a phone conversation feet away from the machine.


Will you get my carpet/sofa looking new.

Well unfortunately not, and anyone who says they will might not be 100% truthful. Carpets and sofa's get a lot of wear, some stains are .. well stains and won't be removed without risk to the carpet. Any issues will be discussed before work is commenced and although we strive to get your items fresh and clean, we cannot do anything to reverse the wear and tear of time.